Pit Justice JP

– DOWNFORLIFE and Doggy Hood$
August 8, 2012, 7:10 am
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Take a look at these handsome fellas.

So during the time when I wasn’t posting, one of my favorite Japanese bands, Doggy Hood$, got back together with a new singer and started playing some shows around Tokyo.  That’s really sweet.  It would have made for some good content for this blog.  In fact, I thought about writing something about it but I never did.

Doggy Hood$ blends a weird mixture of beatdown hardcore with the attitude of West Coast hip hop.  That said, Doggy Hood$ isn’t some rapcore group or anything like that.  It’s hard to explain…you should just try giving them a listen to find out what I mean.

Anyways, DOWNFORLIFE, a Japanese street fashion clothing line, just announced a special edition Doggy Hood$ t-shirt with a limited print of 20.   I’m trying to figure out how to get one now.

IndieRockStore, the usual place for DOWNFORLIFE gear, doesn’t have it listed for sale yet.  I hope I can score one of these, it’s awesome.  Check it out.

Don’t believe the hype. Or do believe the hype. I don’t care. DHC.

Maybe I’ll dedicate this weeks ‘Fashion Friday’ to DOWNFORLIFE.  Sure, why not.  Stay tuned.


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